Health Advantages

Health Benefits Of Tea


Recent research shows that any tea derived from camellia sinensis has cancer-fighting properties. The leaves of this plant contain chemicals called polyphenols, which give tea its antioxidant properties.

Health benefits of Polyphenols in tea:

  • Help protect cells from damaging, physiological process known as "oxidative stress."
  • Help prevent blood clotting
  • Help lower cholesterol levels
  • Help neutralize enzymes that aid in the growth of tumors
  • Help deactivate cancer promoters
  • Help stimulate the immune system
  • Contains fluoride for strong teeth
  • No Calories
  • Half the caffeine compared to a cup of coffee

Health benefits of Theanine (amino acid), methylxanthines and other minerals and vitamins in tea:

  • Help fight against mutagenic agents
  • Delay aging
  • Help fight high blood pressure
  • Help fight against viral and bacterial infection
  • Help improve the functions of the digestive and excretory systems