Brewing tea

There is a rare charm in the taste of Darjeeling Tea which makes it irresistible. The delicate flavour of the tea can be savoured at its best sans milk and sugar.

Here are a few steadfast guidelines to follow in order to achieve the perfect cup.

Fill the kettle or teapot with freshly drawn cold water, the quality of your water will directly affect the taste of your tea. When the water is near boiling point, pour a little into the teapot, swirl around, and tip away. This leaves you with a hot, clean teapot

Measure the tea carefully into the pot. Many people prefer to use a tea ball, infuser or filter to keep the leaves from spreading throughout the teapot. Bring the water to a rolling boil. Do not allow it to boil too long, as it will boil away some of the flavour-releasing oxygen and result in a flat cup of tea.

Pour the water onto the leaves. This saturates the tea allowing the flavour to release naturally. Do be careful and do not pour the water and then add the tea, this will only result in a poor cup of tea. Let the teas be steeped for 2-3 minutes before removing the leaves.

Darjeeling Tea can be enjoyed not just for its taste but because it is truly good for you. Rich in anti-oxidants, this amazing tea strengthens your immune system. It runs through your veins and helps you unwind. Relaxing, mystical, magical.

Cheers to your perfect cuppa of garden fresh Darjeeling tea!